For release on Housing Cambridge.

It is official – the rocket ship at the Satelite Motel on Hespeler Road in Cambridge is for sale. As of today a Request for Proposals (RFP) has been issued by Home Concept Property Management – in partnership with New Horizon Development Group, its private sector partner – inviting bids from individuals or businesses that would like to move the iconic rocket to another location in Cambridge. Proceeds will be used to help with some of the construction costs for the 33 affordable housing units to be built on the Satellite Motel site. Home Concept is the non-profit development arm of Housing Cambridge a local provider of affordable housing. 

“Yes, we want to sell the rocket ship to raise money for the project, but we also want to do our best to ensure it remains a landmark in Cambridge. It is such a symbol in this community. Just about everyone has some memory attached to it,” said Steve Garrison, General Manager of Housing Cambridge. Sealed bids will be received at the Housing Cambridge office until 3:00 pm on October 10, 2018. Bidders must cover the cost of uninstalling and moving the rocket ship as a minimum bid. They must also state the location where they intend to move the fixture. Bid packages can be downloaded here from the Housing Cambridge website or hard copies can be picked up at the Housing Cambridge office. 

“We intend this to be a win-win for Cambridge,” said Cathy Shafe, Housing Cambridge board chair. “We get to keep the rocket ship in town and help building affordable housing, which is one of the top needs in our community. Because of the scarcity of smaller units, households on the waiting list for affordable one-bedroom apartments can wait 6+ years to be offered a unit.” The 33 affordable units planned for the development will consist of one bedroom apartments in order to respond to the most pressing housing needs in the city. The location of the site is ideal. Set along the main transportation corridor, the new affordable units will be close to amenities, work opportunities, schools and services.