As seen in the 2012 Home Builders’ Annual Magazine by New Home and Condo Guide.

Q: Explain why now is a great time to buy.

A:  There is never a bad time to buy a home…when you need to take care of personal housing needs. I prefer the long-term approach to home buying that involved evaluating needs and requirements and then satisfying them. You find what you want, work towards it and buy it. Follow the plan.

Today is a solid time to buy as the cost of money and the quality of product will be reflected in the long-term benefits. Today’s homes are top-notch, much better than we saw in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. It’s a solid time to make this decision for the right reason.

For those who are tired of watching their investments rise and fall at the whim of the stock market, real estate offers a stable, long-term investment. You only have to care what it is worth when you sell it.

A property purchased for $300,000 can drop to $200,000 but if you’re not selling, why worry? It can then rise to $400,000. It’s only when you ask “what’s my plan” that it matters.

If your plan is to buy now, then buy. The time is right when you’re facing low interest rates, job stability and Canada’s strong hold in the economic world life we have now. Looking at real estate in the long term is always a wise decision. If you take the long-term approach, it’s not money in the back until it is money in the bank.