The benefits of upscale condo ownership seem to be winning over homeowners across the province.  Although not for everyone, luxury condo living does have a distinct allure over large freehold homes, and has become an increasingly attractive home ownership option for singles, young couples, families and retired couples… just about everyone!

Unlike the standard condo buildings you visit, a luxury condominium community looks for ways to make every aspect of the building stand out from surrounding communities. To do this, they employ upscale architectural themes and techniques. Rather than sticking to the prevailing style of residences in your area, luxury condominiums tend to opt for dynamic exterior appeal that delivers an unquestionable aura of prestige and prominence.

The interior of a luxury condominium possesses an equally distinctive appearance. Marble or stone floors and countertops are the standard. Oversize, spa quality bathtubs adorn spacious master suites and luxury kitchens are nothing short of gourmet quality. Vaulted ceilings in some condos give the illusion of living in the most spacious house you can find.

Still, looks aren’t everything when you move to a luxury condominium. Community developers understand that the pretty factor is a nice perk, but not the primary reason people buy real estate. Condo owners demand homes that cater to their fast-paced lifestyle and most luxury condominiums are ready to deliver with in-building amenities that provide creature comforts and conveniences.

Although amenities shouldn’t be the primary determinant in whether you make the switch to condo living, once you have taken the plunge, it is only right to get your money’s worth.   Fitness centers, 24-desk staff, pools, spas entertainment lounges, wi-fi access and all the other lifestyle benefits your facility provides can and should be integrated into a daily routine.  Though some may think of it in a superficial regard, these amenities really do add substantial benefit to a lifestyle geared toward more personal happiness.

Condominium-hotel projects, in particular, have become hugely popular because they offer all the conveniences of the upscale hotels they are connected to, while giving residents the privacy of their own apartments.  Homeowners in these developments have the benefit of being able to book their visiting guests into one of the hotel suites without having to compromise their own comfort.   The amenities offered at condo-hotel projects give residents the freedom with the added convenience of everything being located within the complex. Not to mention, these amenities are fun to use when friends and family come over.

Another important factor to realize as a condominium owner is that you are an integral part of a community within a community.  When you move into a condo you don’t just have neighbours. You have partners and you have enforced rules and relationships that simply do not exist after the usual home purchase transaction.

With a residence in an entire building of other like-minded individuals, there is the undervalued benefit of social living. Getting to know your close neighbours, relaxing in the common areas, enjoying the amenities, and getting help from the staff all prove to be great ways to meet others and strike up new relationships. Yet, your socializing doesn’t just end at your building, it continues on to your entire area. Whether you are located near a park, or a shopping district, or a particular neighbourhood, just being in a condo offers plentiful opportunities to get up and go anywhere in the city and start meeting new people and making memorable experiences.

Going hand in hand with the social aspect is the inherent security you get from the “safety in numbers.” With other condo owners’ constant comings and goings, you will seldom have to worry about typical security concerns in other housing forms. Additionally, most complexes employ full-time personnel and security systems that make your residence safer than any personal home could be.

The bounty of benefits don’t end there.  Tedious tasks such as mowing lawns, shoveling snow, cleaning gutters and all the other tiresome upkeep are now taken care of.  The lack of chores and other undesirable duties gives you extra leisure time to do the things you need and want to do.   Additionally, most luxury condo developments are located in prime real estate areas and make logistical convenience a huge bonus too.

In the most fundamental terms, a luxury condo is all about having a care-free residence that gives you more for your money.  Whether you are a young hard-working professional looking to live in one of the country’s most sought after locales or you are a retiring homeowner looking to downsize, luxury condos present a great option for any stage of life.  If you’re considering a condominium move, research all that awaits you in upscale condos.  You won’t be disappointed.