If you’ve driven by Trend Living recently, you’d notice that construction in the community is progressing wonderfully!

With the progress of the exterior masonry, the Phase 1 building is looking more like the artist renderings as the days go by! Inside the building, steel stud framing is progressing through the first and third floors of the 12-storey tower, having been completed within all second-floor suites. In the 5-storey portion of the building, painting is underway in suites on the second floor, where drywall is now fully installed. Plumbing, electrical and mechanical rough-ins are complete, while elevator framing and terrace landscaping is underway.

In Phase 2, concrete pouring and iSpan framing has been completed for the 5-storey portion of the building and is progressing through the 11th floor of the 12-storey portion.

Slab on grade is now complete in Phase 3 and concrete pouring is currently underway for the ground floor of both the 12-storey and 5-storey portions of the building.

In the Boutique Collection, the pouring of footings and columns and exterior walls began in June and are now nearing completion! Slab on grade is in progress and steel is being laid in preparation to pour the ground floor.

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