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A residential development in Beamsville has taken a U-turn of sorts.

The property behind the Sobeys in Beamsville has been sold to New Horizon, a prominent developer in the Burlington area. It was put up for sale by former owner Ron Ticchiarelli in February, after receiving approval from council to construct two, eight-storey residential buildings on the property. That approval had a group of neighbours upset over height and density concerns.

But with new owners comes a new proposal that appears to be met with more approval.

“From everything I have seen it seems to be a much better fit for the community,” said Adam Russell, a nearby resident who was part of the group that raised concerns, and a Ward 1 candidate for the upcoming municipal election. He’s still somewhat worried about the number of units, which would come in at 276, but overall is more comfortable with the new design.

“Esthetically I think the developer has done a great job incorporating some greenspace for the residents,” he said.

Chief administrator Mike Kirkopoulos said the early response he’s heard has been positive as well.

“A lot of them are happy to see it come down in height and more greenspace,” he said.

Jeff Paikin, president and co-founder of New Horizon, said he hopes he can build a complex that satisfies the needs of existing residents and also provides a more affordable option for homebuyers.

“We like to think we’re doing our best to provide housing that would be considered in the more affordable range,” he said.

Mostly based in the Burlington area, Paikin said their entry into Lincoln is a natural progression as young people begin looking this way for their first home purchase. He said the Greenlane development will be geared toward those first-time homebuyers, as well as people at the other end of the spectrum who are looking to downsize as their families grow up.

The company is aiming to have a large chunk of units offered in the low $200,000s.

The new development will lead to one six-storey U-shaped building. Like the previous proposal, the new development would be stepped back away from Greenlane, going from three storeys closer to the road and up to six further away.

But because of the new design Kirkopoulos said the property will include more greenspace. That includes an outdoor parkette style space for condo residents between the two arms of the building.

Since the new proposal already conforms to approved official plans and zoning bylaw, it won’t require a completely new public planning process. The developers will still need to submit a site plan to finalize details of the build, and Kirkopoulos said they appear eager to get going. He suggested servicing could begin in the fall.

Paikin said they’re taking a bit of a risk with the U-shape design, as opposed to two individual buildings that could be built independent of each other. But he said they believe they can make it work in Beamsville, a site he called ideal given its proximity to the proposed GO station. People who will be moving to the development and commuting to work will in the future be able to simply walk to the station and catch their train.

The company will also be making efforts to be green, heating and cooling the units with geothermal technology. Given the town’s ties with agriculture, Paikin said it’s important they respect the environment.

He expects branding to go up in the next couple of months. If all goes well sales will launch in February, and once they have enough sales to begin construction, Paikin estimates a two-year build time.