As seen in the May 9th edition of the Portfolio of New Homes

If there was any question about how valuable a location Waterdown truly is, the Phase 1 launch of Trend Living by New Horizon Development Group may have just given us our answer. The condo community that had been quietly building buzz for the last two years was finally released last month, and its Grand Opening saw over 95% of the entire offering of 508 suites sold in fewer than 20 total hours of sales.  The staggering outcome has many industry insiders and observers still scratching their heads as to how it all happened.

“For starters, an enormous amount of planning and strategy went into this project”, explains New Horizon president Jeff Paikin. “We wanted to be absolutely certain we were delivering a sensible and sophisticated product that would truly elevate the surrounding community for the buyers who were looking to put down roots here. I believe we were able to achieve that here at Trend Living.”  It’s hard to argue with the results.

Initially, Phase 1 was meant to be a release of a single 251-suite condominium, however plans changed soon after New Horizon announced their launch date for Trend Living at a realtor information session in early March. The sales team had optimistically anticipated a gathering of between 30 and 40 of the region’s top realtors to be in attendance. But by the time the presentation began, well over 200 realtors were on hand to meet the builder and learn about this dynamic community.

After taking the temperature of their database of loyal past purchasers and factoring in the 6,000+ VIP registrants who were eagerly anticipating an opportunity to purchase at Trend, it became abundantly clear that 251 suites would not satisfy the built-up demand.  The entire New Horizon staff hunkered down for several days to get everything in place to expand the Phase 1 offering to include the second of four buildings.

The increase in supply did nothing to decrease the demand, as New Horizon decided to release both buildings at the same insider pricing. Worksheets continued to pour in and registrants from across the province began inquiring as to how they could secure a spot near the front of the sales line.

“Waterdown is no longer a hidden gem,” explains James Turner, New Horizon’s Head of Sales. “When reputable builders bring smartly-planned projects to commuter communities on the outskirts of the GTA, you’re going to see plenty of hype and demand.” The hype Turner is referring to was palpable as both realtors and registrants began lining up on the Wednesday prior to Trend Living’s Grand Opening on the following Saturday.

Following the Grand Opening, over 300 prospective purchasers registered for a chance to acquire any suites that came back during the 10-day conditional period, making Trend Living Waterdown’s fastest-selling new development by a staggering margin.

Business leaders note that the primary difference between a trend and a fad is that trends have the potential to be long-term influencers on the marketplace. Gauging by what took place over the past month, it is safe to say a definite trend has emerged here in Waterdown.

There is still a stellar selection of larger 1+Den and 2-bedroom suites available at Trend Living.  For information about availability and pricing, and to keep abreast about the release of Building 3, register at